Helen Mirren at the BAFTA Cunard Brittania Awards in LA at the weekend looking more regal and more elegant than a large majority of tartlets running around Hollywood.

Can you believe this broad is 62? Helen Mirren’s 62 is all sex, non?

62 and truly, truly a modern woman. Talks sex freely, is not ashamed, has never been ashamed of her body, and chose not to have children – in the face of what I’m sure was an endless river of sanctimony launched from every direction by MiniVan women who chose motherhood and who insist every woman MUST share the same lifechanging experience and that those who don’t must be biological anomalies.

Being the recipient of such judgement in this day and age, I can only imagine what Helen had to endure 30 years ago. And now she is the reigning Best Actress, always every inch a Queen.

Will always remember her in the press room last year after winning the Oscar. She swept in with a cocktail in her hand and somehow floated up the steps to the stage in her long gown where others had tripped and held in rapture a couple hundred journalists, all of us willing to lie down over a puddle and let her step on us to cross if she wished.

And half of them were old bats and queens - you know that"s saying something.

Photos from Splash