Duana and I just talked about Helen Mirren – she thinks it’s a big “samey”, she didn’t get “emotional” about this look the way she got emotional about Cate Blanchett’s. Didn’t we all get emotional about Cate Blanchett? We’ll get to Cate Blanchett later. That’s a foregone conclusion, I guess.

But while I’m obviously not as emotional about Mirren as I am about Cate, that doesn’t mean I’m not into it. Because I am. This woman dresses in a way that shows she understands who she is, exactly who she is, which is, I think, why we have a hard time complimenting Demi Moore even when Demi Moore looks amazing. You know how that is? I’ve only just been able to articulate it thanks to Helen Mirren. Demi Moore can’t look it in the eye and know for exactly who and what it is the way Helen Mirren has embraced it for exactly who and what it is.

She’s perfect in charcoal with big-ish shoulders and an open neck. She’s so perfect she’s even perfect about her nail polish. Look at Helen Mirren’s nail polish! Now you’re wondering about Helen’s nail polish and wanting it for yourself. When would you have ever thought that you’d be wanting Helen Mirren’s nail polish? She keeps surprising you.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jason Merritt/Kevork Djansezian/John Shearer/Gettyimages.com