A reader called Sharon set this Daily Beast link over to me this morning about Helen Mirren’s Christmas message on the Graham Norton Show while she was on with Will Smith and Naomie Harris to promote Collateral BeautySarah just reviewed the movie and said it was bananas.

Anyway, the big headline is that Helen’s Christmas message has the swears and basically she’s reminding us that 2016 was a dick but… that’s not actually the best Helen Mirren part of this clip. And I don’t understand why the best part is being ignored! Watch. And you tell me if I’m right:

Who gives a sh-t about the Christmas message when the real moment came before she delivered it? First Will Smith gives Graham Norton some ass tickling. And then Helen sashays over and asks for some ass play of her own. “I want a hey hey!” God that’s good. Like Mrs Roper + Blanche Devereaux good. I’ve just wasted 20 minutes watching Golden Girls highlights. Blanche could wear the hell of a jumpsuit. 

Attached: Helen at the the European Premiere of Collateral Beauty at Vue Leicester Square on December 15, 2016 in London.