I need you to see this.

Check out Helen Mirren, hot as F-CK, on a shoot for L’Oreal in London the other day. At some point, as she’s leaning against the bridge, a jogger comes by for a stretch? I don’t know if this is part of the ad. Maybe, since I’m not sure anyone would have been allowed to get so close to her otherwise, but I want to believe it was a random. And he’s like, hey. And she’s like…

Hey back.

With the eye.

Look at that eye.

That eye is ageless.

You can be 69 years old but if you know what you’re doing with that eye, that smirk, it’s on. It’s ON.

Mirren was at the Moet British Independent Film Awards last night in a sexy off-the-shoulder lace gown, sheer on the bottom, a look I normally haaaaaate but f-ck me, somehow she’s making that work.