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This week’s Hello Canada features an article written by a longtime Madonna (unauthorised) biographer and an exclusive interview with Madge herself which took place just two days before the divorce was announced.

According to J. Randy Taraborrelli, just after she decided to release a statement confirming that she and Guy were splitting, Madonna sat on stage in Boston before her show and allowed herself a very brief pity party:

“Another city, another show. And no matter the drama, I’m just expected to keep going on and on and on, aren’t I?”

Yes but that’s the life she chose, isn’t it?

Taraborrelli insists after supposedly speaking to many of Guy’s friends that the two grew apart NOT because of David Banda or Kabbalah but because of her incessant need to tour, her relentless obsession with her career, her inability to stop pushing for more.

The breaking point came recently when she found out he’d been living the single life. Says a source:

“Guy finally started to socialize again in a way that we haven’t seen from him in years, and she didn’t like it. When Madonna got wind that he was at a party at a friend’s house – and it was pretty much a bachelor party with very friendly women present – she became upset. She called him and said, ‘No, no, no. You are not doing that type of partying until we get this [the marriage] out of the way.’ He askedwhy, and she said, ‘Because I will not be shamed by you anymore.’

Interesting choice of words. Shamed, hurt, humiliated, abused… it’s all interchangeable, non?

Guy apparently did not take well to the accusation and called her up the next day, leaving a message saying: “We’re making the announcement now. If you’re spending the next few months on the road, I need to get this divorce going so I can live again.”

She ignored him and then faster than you can say 50, the UK tabloids were breaking the story round the world, continuing to position him as the unassuming, good old British bloke who was never about the fame game.

As for whether or not Guy really believes that his wife is having an affair with Alex Rodriguez, Taraborrelli claims that a Ritchie confident revealed the following:

“Guy never told me what his feelings are about the baseball player, but even if she had been having an affair, he would not want to know at this point. I think there just came a time when he stopped seeing her in that kind of territorial way. He shifted from someone who was interested in exactly what she was doing every hour of the day to someone who stopped caring. On the last tour, he had finally had enough. I remember there was a moment when we were waiting in a van for her to get offstage. I said
to him, ‘How long have you been waiting for her?’ And his answer was, ‘All I do is wait for her. That’s my job, waiting for Madonna.’”

In the heavily pro-Guy article, Taraborrelli concedes that it’s highly unlikely that Madonna did not secure a prenup before marrying. He also argues that despite British gossips’ insistence that Guy doesn’t want the money, of course he f&cking wants the money. He wants it because he genuinely believes he made an investment in the relationship and that now that it’s over, there can be a financial total associated with his sacrifice.

Madonna on the other hand is portrayed as emotionally unavailable and detached and the report concludes that she will ultimately end up realising too late what a good man she had.

It’s a good, juicy read, with many more details about Madonna’s manipulation and Guy’s sad realisation that he no longer knew his own wife.

Also included in the issue – Madonna spoke to Hello to promote Filth & Wisdom. She chose her words carefully and the attention grabbing “sad ending” part that they’ve splashed on the cover really comes from an answer she gave to the following:

What is the moral behind the story (of the movie)?
If your ship comes in, it’s your responsibility to share what you have with other people. Feeling good is just as contagious as feeling bad, so when your ship comes in, you have to get as many people on-board as possible. I don’t want a sad ending. I don’t mind a sad journey as long as there is a happy ending.

She also revealed what her next film will be all about…God help us all.

New issue of Hello Canada is on newsstands now.
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