Celine Dion is currently touring the world and Hello Canada was invited to join her in Australia and South Africa to celebrate her birthday. Lots and lots of cheese to be had! Celine cheese is priceless!

First – take a look at these exclusive photos. Check out the shot of her leg lunging on a yacht with her kid holding a mic. But the picture of her kid posing with miniature dolls of both her and Rene is what totally made my life. Are you dying???

There are some gems during the interview too.

Very much the diva tonight, with her long glittery Chanel coat, she has managed to return to the stage, but that is not that makes her eyes sparkle with emotion: “We have started the biological process (in vitro fertilization). And as this takes time, the tour will be over by the time I can foresee getting pregnant.”

Of course her eyes were sparkling with emotion!

And here’s a bit of creepy cheese just to get you going.

For René, whose battle with weight is an ongoing one, it is hard to believe how his slender wife is able to turn a blind eye to the hearty entrees and desserts that he enjoys so much. Today, the 66-year-old René watches his baby – she was 12 when he discovered her – take the floor to speak and recall the past.

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