I"m sorry subscribers - they still can"t figure out my email. Promise, when it"s sorted out, these come to you first with clues too. For the prudish types who love to complain - this is NOT for you, consider yourself warned. ********* Poor thing. Her constant companion can"t exactly help in that department, she"s had a sh-tty year, with no proper professional guidance, alone on the job right now and lonely and publicly rejected and horny too... What"s a girl to do? Well this week, she took matters into her own hands, no pun intended. I"m actually kinda proud of her for going the healthy route. Because there is NOTHING, NOTHING wrong with taking care of your own business...with batteries. And just in case you"re still not getting my drift -think pleasure in plastic with a pulse and a buzz. Make sense? The best part though is that she"s either lazy as f&ck or really not afraid to hide it. Because she keeps it on her bed in plain view, not unusual for me and you I suppose but when you"re a celebrity away from home, when you don"t have to lift a finger to for a damn thing, you tend to be surrounded by an army of people doing your bidding. And they all have eyes.