It could have been a different Henry Cavill who showed up at Comic-Con this year. Off the success of his debut as Superman in Man Of Steel, winning over the nerd folk with his performance, Comic-Con could have been his victory party …only… well… he took some baggage to San Diego. Because the last we remember of Henry Cavill isn’t his work in the movie but his shenanigans off-screen, and whatever it was that he thought he was doing with Kaley Cuoco. So, yeah, that was a setback. And then Marvel came along and pissed on any buzz he was able to generate.

As Sarah wrote in the previous article, the big announcement from Warner Bros and DC was that the next Man Of Steel movie would feature a partnership between Superman and Batman. I’m not a geek but even I know that’s a big f-cking deal. Only… that was not the headline of the weekend. It might have been the third story, at best, coming out of the convention. Spider-Man got more play than Superman. Loki certainly got more play than Superman. Sh-t, even The Vampire Diaries got more play than Superman. Henry Cavill just can’t get an A+. It’s like he’s been relegated to a B+ indefinitely. Will it take a Batman to elevate him to the next level?

Apparently the search is on as they say Christian Bale is done with the franchise. Besides, can you imagine the (lack of) chemistry between the two?


Who will be Bruce Wayne?

Some people are predicting Jake Gyllenhaal. God I hope not. Cavill has a subtle air of bad luck around him right now. Bad luck can be infectious. Until it passes, it’s best to stay away. Gina Carano might be able to take care of that. But then again, why would we want her to go backwards?