If only he could take back those 2 weeks in July, you know? If only they could be completely deleted from his gossip history, cookies that can never be recovered. If only the Henry Cavill and Gina Carano story could be written without what happened when he decided to go handholding and hiking with Kaley Cuoco.

As you know, Henry and Gina are back together. They celebrated the holidays together. They went shopping together. Now they have a puppy together. The breeders, Big Bear Akita, are in Arkansas and they posted a photo on their website. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl but rumour has it they called him Kal-El so…

Look at that face!

Here’s what so great about dogs. They all look like dopes. They’re dopey. And puppies are the dopiest because they’re (almost) always sleepy. I say almost because when our dog, Barney, was a puppy he was satanic and refused to sleep. Jacek had to hold him to get him to sleep and we used to joke that he had teats.

So that’s a big step, right? Co-parenting a pet? When Batman vs Superman comes out then, does that mean there won’t be another Kaley Cuoco?