Sucker Punch premiered in London last night and it was, I believe, the first time Henry Cavill’s walked a carpet since being confirmed as the new Superman. I mean, I know it wasn’t his movie or his event, but you’d think, given that he’s British and all (being from the Channel Islands means British but not English right? Goddamnit I can never keep that sh-t straight and I’m not even sure you people over there are able to keep that sh-t straight either!), that he’d command a little more attention, have a few more photos taken, right? Seriously, there aren’t that many. When I say there aren’t that many, I mean in relation to how many pictures, for example, that were taken of Sharon bloody Stone last night at Gorbachev’s birthday party. Like, he’s the new Superman. And all I could find were maybe a dozen shots…? Also he was mislabeled by several agencies as “Max Irons”. Like, I’m sure this will change in time, but I don’t think it would hurt either if his people worked harder on name recognition.

Anyway, how do you feel about the hair and the curl? I think I prefer it shorter. Slightly. Also, still can’t picture him flying around with Amy Adams in his arms.

On an unrelated note, my obsession with the new-ish, to me anyway, Jena Malone continues. I just… she just… she never looked like this in my mind. Also, Vanessa Hudgens chose a terrible dress for this carpet. Sateen, very unflattering and lumpy.

As for the video below, just in case any of you were interested. And I’m curious about your know-it-all response to this one.

Photos from and Emma Peios/