Henry Cavill arrived back in Vancouver last night to resume shooting Man of Steel which probably means he really wasn’t allowed to indulge during the holiday and the way I feel today, ugh, I wish I wasn’t allowed to indulge either. Am heading to LA for work this weekend. Love being surrounded by anorexics!

As for Henry, Sarah from Cinesnark told me the other day that of the top grossing movies of 2011, 8 of 10 were sequels and the other 2 were Thor and Captain America. Man Of Steel opens in 2013. Will box office trends be the same in 2 years? If so, it’ll be a different reality for Henry Cavill who has been walking around Vancouver for months totally unrecognised. Like, Snooki could come here and people would sh-t their pants, and Henry Cavill is never, ever stopped. Fame is such a strange thing.