Did you see Man Of Steel? And those LexCorp trucks blowing up? As expected, given the success of the movie, a sequel is already being planned that would introduce Lex Luthor. Who will play Lex Luthor? The casting rumours are starting. First up: Mark Strong. An excellent choice. Can we stop there? 

Here’s Superman, Henry Cavill, arriving back in LA yesterday after a long, and ultimately successful, promotional tour. Cavill shares a home with Gina Carano in Manhattan Beach. Shared? So many of his Twi-Hards are hoping it’s past tense. Carano, as you know, did not join Cavill on any of the Man Of Steel carpets. Which, so far, is the only evidence that would suggest that they’re no longer together. It’s enough for the crazies who can’t stand to think he might have a girlfriend but is it enough for you (if you are not crazy)?

If they are really broken up, and that would be so sad because, really, she makes him so much more interesting, maybe it’s better for her in the long run. Because that sh-t is hard. Dealing with fangirl drama is hard. Having to hear their reasons is hard:

“She’s too muscular and she’s not a good actress” – like the only reasons a man like Henry Cavill would want to be with a woman is 1.for her body and 2.for her ability to pretend to be someone else, f-ck kindness and grace and humour.