Henry Cavill got dumped

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 2, 2015 14:05:26 June 2, 2015 14:05:26

By his investors, that is. Cavill was slated to star in the blatant Bond knock-off Stratton, in which he was to play an embattled MI5 agent who is the world's last hope against corruption or conspiracy or crab monsters or whatever. The movie was supposed to start principal photography this week, but only days before production, Cavill bailed on the project like it was Kaley Cuoco. He left because of the ubiquitous creative differences, which in this case were script changes. Cavill wanted to press pause and rework the script, but the producers were like, Nah. So Cavill left and the movie, with the entire creative team intact, will proceed as soon as they find another handsome guy with no discernible personality to replace him.

The thing is, Cavill was producing this Jason Statham reject under his Promethean Pictures banner (though they'll probably remain credited because of developmental contributions). They're now off the project, which was financed in large part thanks to Cavill's name recognition as That Lame Superman Guy. There has been speculation that Cavill bailed because of franchise duties related to professional Supermanning, but barring potential cameo work, he has no immediate, significant obligations to Warner Brothers/DC.

Cavill dropped the creatively named Stratton because the producers would rather proceed without their Name Star than deal with whatever (dumbass) changes he wanted to make. Actors always think they know best because they imagine if only they had been calling the shots, all their sh*t movies would have turned out better (see also: Chris Evans). But they're almost always wrong, and distributor GFM Films would rather risk this movie starring, say, Kellen Lutz than make Cavill's script changes. Not an auspicious start to Cavill's fledgling career as a producer.



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