The British Invasion continues

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Written by Sarah

The top-of-the-heap guys, Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe, are British. The up-and-comers, Andrew Garfield and Alex Pettyfer, are British. The next-one-coming, Eddie Redmayne, is British. And now Warner Brothers has announced their new Superman, and guess what? He’s British. They’re everywhere.

Warner Brothers named Henry Cavill, star of Showtime’s The Tudors and many women’s dreams, as the new Clark Kent/Superman for the Christopher Nolan produced/Zack Snyder directed franchise reboot. Cavill is no stranger to Superman—McG cast him in the role for a film that never happened (it got scrubbed in favor of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns). Cavill has been consistently in the mix for nearly every relevant project over the last several years—he’s a break-out waiting to happen. Not a bad choice for Warner Brothers.

Not a bad choice, but a boring one?

You may remember I wanted Radcliffe for this—which 99% of you disagreed with. But I stand by my initial point: Superman is so boring as a character that in order to make this movie interesting you’re going to have to cast someone completely bizarre. I’m not sure Cavill is a bizarre enough choice. He has the traditional square-jawed looks of Superman, though he is distinctly more modern. He doesn’t specifically resemble Christopher Reeve, so at least we’re getting away from “guy playing Reeve playing Superman”.

But can Cavill make the ultimate Boy Scout, a dude who runs around in briefs and a cape, sexy? I don’t know. This choice feels more like making Superman modern than making him interesting. And just like I fear Chris Evans can’t overcome Captain America’s innate dorkiness, I’m not convinced Henry Cavill will make Superman anything other than a boring do-gooder with no conflict or angst. Superman will certainly be very pretty. But will he be anything else?


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