US Weekly had the exclusive yesterday – Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco are dating. Who? She’s on Big Bang Theory, the show we sh-t on all the time here at because it sucks.

Shortly after, PEOPLE also reported that Cavill and Cuoco are a couple.

So…what happened to Gina Carano?

Let’s revisit this timeline:

-May 7, London. Cavill supports Carano at the UK premiere of Fast & Furious 6. Click here to see photos. They did not pose together on the carpet but his presence signals that they are indeed still on, especially since FF6 is a Universal property and Cavill’s Man Of Steel belongs to Warner Bros

-June 8, Los Angeles. According to omg!, Cavill and Cuoco are both at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards though they were not seen interacting with each other

-June 9, New York. Cavill begins heavy promotion for Man Of Steel. Click here to see photos.

-June 10, New York. Man Of Steel NYC premiere, no Gina Carano. Click here to see photos.

-June 12, London. Man Of Steel UK premiere, no Gina Carano.

-June 14, Los Angeles. Kaley Cuoco tweets this photo of herself gazing adoringly at Cavill’s poster, encouraging her over million followers to see Man Of Steel.

-June 15, Italy. Cavill promotes Man Of Steel at Taormina FilmFest. Click here to see photos.

-June 24, Sydney. Man Of Steel Sydney premiere. Click here to see photos

-June 26, Los Angeles. Cavill finally returns home after almost 3 weeks of travel.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that Cavill and Carano ended it the day after the London premiere of Fast & Furious 6 and he met Cuoco at Guys’ Choice. PEOPLE says they’re in the “beginning stages of a relationship and they're having a great time”. When would they have had the time? He got home last week.

Can you go from “Hey, how are you, can I call you, let’s hang out in 3 weeks when I get home” to the “beginnings of a relationship” after hanging out for the last 5 days, assuming that he got off the plane from the press tour and went to her place right away?

And still, the fact that both their teams seem so eager to put this out there is telling. They want you to know they’re dating. They want you to know it’s happening very much.

Warner Bros is the studio behind Man Of Steel. Warner Bros television is behind Big Bang Theory. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Superman is as American as pie. Superman, of all the superheroes, is more pie than anyone else. From a public relations point of view, Superman in love with the host of the (meaningless) People’s Choice Awards and the star of America’s favourite dumb comedy is the perfect kind of pie to serve to the MiniVan Majority. It’s a better pie than Superman romancing a girl who can dropkick your ass.