Henry Cavill is warm

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I have a really, really dumb question. Usually I reserve my dumb biology and physiology questions to my friend Fiona because she literally knows everything about science - like even tree species - and doesn’t judge but Fiona is the worst when it comes to text message and technology so I won’t be able to ask her until I get home.

My normal temperature is cold. All the time. I am always cold. My feet are cold, my hands are cold, my neck is cold - it’s partly why I keep my hair long - and my ass is cold. Jacek’s always like - why is your ass constantly cold, even in the dead of (Vancouver) summer? It’s been this way my whole life. Except now I’m really, really tanned from the Maldives. Like super tanned. But NOT sunburned. There is no burn on any part of my body. Just a super deep tan. (Because I approached by sun strategy with military precision!) And I am BOILING like all the time. The backs of my knees are sweaty, my elbows are damp, I don’t have to wear socks...and the air conditioning here in Dubai is crazy!  

So I spent 5 minutes googling “Tans + Body Temperature” and couldn’t find anything definitive. That’s my dumb question: am I always hot because I’m so tanned?

Here’s Henry Cavill arriving in Vancouver last night after being in LA for the premiere of Immortals, not needing a jacket. It’s not freezing in Vancouver, but the old me, the old me could not walk around in November, at 8 degrees Celsius, without a coat or at least a very, very thick sweater. Maybe the new me will be able to jump off the plane in a few days without a scarf. Maybe my tan will keep me warm in Canada.

Henry does not have a tan. But he does have a million jacked up muscles so I guess he doesn’t need the material warmth. Obviously he’s this huge right now because he has to be the Man of Steel. You know I’ve never been a fan of beefed out boys. It just... like look at the way his thighs are preventing those jeans from falling, see? Have you seen Henry in a tux for Dunhill when he doesn’t have to train to be in a leotard all day? That’s how I prefer him. Without breasts.

Where do girls learn that Chippendales is what to get hard for??? This is wrong.

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