Have received a lot of email about Henry Cavill after Comic-Con and I don’t have a lot to say about him other than he’s really, really lovely and has great hair and... is, like Charlie Hunnam, terribly unphotogenic. I mean, in person, you have to believe he’s beautiful. Elegant, strong, handsome. But the disconnect between that and the pictures – goddamn it’s jarring.

Also ... his pants.

Jesus, what the f-ck is the pants? I didn’t notice the pants on the press line because, to be honest, I wasn’t looking down. But goddamn, after a reader called Anna pointed it out in the EW portrait, which is the first attached to this post, I feel something akin to horror. That’s a cinched waist and wide hips. Like, Jessica Simpson has installed herself around his pelvis. Like, it might be one of the worst Pants Problems I’ve ever seen, of all time. Dude, when it comes to Henry Cavill, you might have to just close your eyes or don’t look down.

Oh and did I mention that Kellan Lutz is a f-cking loser?

First of all, as Sarah from Cinesnark pointed out in her Comic-Con wrap up the other day – click here if you missed it – on the Immortals panel he kept referring to his character Poseidon as the “God of Wetness”. Moron. He also walked around the Immortals press area like he was the biggest brand name there – short interviews, late interviews, no time for interviews...because when Robert Pattinson’s not in the room, he’s happy to front like he runs Twilight?

Sit DOWN, Jerry Curl.

You know, in his mind Kellan thinks he could have a career like Hugh Jackman. I don’t think this is funny. I think it’s offensive. I object to that being allowed to happen – not Kellan becoming Jackman because obviously it’s impossible, but that he has the AUDACITY to even allow that thought to enter his brain. It would be like me saying I think I could have a career like JK Rowling.


This is an affront to humanity. Kellan having a career like Hugh Jackman is in affront to humanity.

Photos from Wenn.com and Kevin Winter/John Shearer/Gettyimages.com