So Mission: Impossible 6, which ought to be subtitled At What Point Do We Stop Calling This Impossible, He ALWAYS Does It, starts filming in a few months and has just added a new member to Tom Cruise’s Mission: Not-Quite-Impossible team. Henry Cavill is on board to play a new character, the “right hand” of Tom Cruise’s boss. In the last movie, this was the Alec Baldwin/Jeremy Renner combo, but it’s unclear if Baldwin is returning and due to his Hawkeye commitment, Renner’s not likely to have a huge part in M:I 6 – Tricky, But Not Impossible.

Cavill was really good in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a mod knock-off of Mission: Impossible, so we know he can be effective in a spy franchise, even when the movie itself is sub-par. The problem with casting Cavill is that everyone keeps trying to make him be super serious but he is demonstrably better when he can play it a little loose and is allowed to smile. (The tragedy of his Superman is that he is not allowed to smile or express joy.) The M:I movies generally do a good job balancing between taking it seriously enough to sell the wacky premise and winking at the wacky premise, so this should be a good fit. We’ll see how much Tom Cruise actually lets him do. Simon Pegg can flourish because he’s a good comedic foil to Cruise, but Renner, an Action Man competitor, has already been cut off at the knees.

Also returning is Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, aka, the one who should be headlining these movies now. But, like Renner, it’s unknown how much Ilsa will have to do this time. Hopefully a lot—she made the last M:I movie—and hopefully not as Ethan Hunt’s girlfriend. If they reduce Ilsa Faust to The Girlfriend, I will scream. But I don’t put anything past Tom Cruise. No one is allowed to be bigger than Tom Cruise.