A few days ago, Henry Cavill posted a photo of himself on Instagram for self-motivation that was meant to get you all hot over his body:


Look at all that fluffy hair (on his head)!

Now check Henry last night at a BAFTA event in London. Like, I’m having a hard time believing it’s the same person.

We are just five weeks out from the release of Batman vs Superman. As Sarah’s noted several times, there are big expectations for this movie – as in billion dollar expectations. Given that we’ve already met Henry’s Superman and, frankly, not that many people cared afterwards, well, he kinda needs this, doesn’t he? How is it that Superman is not a household name? And, um, how can he be with this hair?

In other Henry news, Henry’s 32 years old and he’s apparently still with his 19 year old girlfriend, Tara, a university student. Has he been hanging out with Leo? According to the Daily Mail Henry’s taken her to meet his family and she’s supposedly been bailing out on her studies to travel with him. Great. Can she help him with his hair? Styling it like this doesn’t look good – on anyone.