Finally got around to watching the trailer for Gus Van Sant’s upcoming Restless which, now that I’ve seen it, I can’t wait to really see. I love Mia Wasikowska. I love her voice. She has this delicate, curious, so expressive small little voice. It’s so delightful to listen to. And then of course there’s Gus Van Sant. Which, to go back to what I wrote earlier about that Kate Hudson movie with Gael Garcia Bernal, I mean side by side, does it really stand a chance if we’re going to compare common storylines. Only, obviously, Restless doesn’t exactly follow everything about the sick girl love story formula. The trailer is below.

And here it is Hunger Games fans – this is my Gale. From the moment I saw him in this clip, he was my Gale. That face can be deceptive, it can harden, it can soften when it needs to, and he looks sharp, the way Gale is sharp and quick to scheme, who

So who is he?

His name is Henry Hopper, the son of the late Dennis Hopper. And since everyone and I mean everyone in that age range is reading for these parts right now, hopefully he’s considering it too.