Her kids were watching

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 18, 2011 16:05:22 October 18, 2011 16:05:22

Film set. Recently. SheΓÇÖs shooting a sex scene. Walking around set in her bra, no shirt on, panties, standard attire, nothing unusual about it...

Except that her children were there that day. They were visiting. And it was no thing, you know? That was her costume. They saw her in his costume while they were there. And then she sat them behind the monitor so that they could see her work and they watched while mom worked with another actor - she rubbed up against him, he returned the rubbing, she made love for pretend, for the movies, to a man that was not the father of her children, in front of her children.

IΓÇÖm sure over 90% of you are all huffy and tutty about this and have been since the start of the 2nd paragraph. ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖs so inappropriate, itΓÇÖs so bizarre, these people are sick f-cksΓÇ¥, etc etc etc. Me IΓÇÖm still trying to decide. Part of me understands the huffing and the tutting. And the other part, well, itΓÇÖs worth huffing and tutting over in real life, for civilians, because thatΓÇÖs simply not part of that world.

But take Kate Winslet for example - and this is NOT about Kate Winslet - whoΓÇÖs already been naked on screen several times, and her kids go to school with other kids whose parents have seen their motherΓÇÖs breasts, and you realise, theirs is a totally different reality. And, given that that is the reality, if you are the subject of this riddle, do you prepare your children for it by bringing them with you, by showing them that this is not real, that this is what happens in filmmaking, that this is part of the process, that this is part of whatΓÇÖs considered their craft or their art, or whatever fancy word theyΓÇÖre using for it these days, that this is not dirty, that thereΓÇÖs nothing shady about it, in the hopes of removing or addressing in advance any stigma/embarrassment that might arise later...

Mommy is an Actor and this is what Acting is...

A part of me doesnΓÇÖt disagree with that either, you know?

Anyway, I look forward to reading your emails.

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