No one has everything. Even when they seem like they do, there"s always something missing. And she"s no exception. While her relationship might be mismatched, to say the least, their love appears to be real. Professional success, family support, careers that cross… these two have managed to pull it together and they couldn’t be happier. Except that the thing they want the most has eluded them. The longer it takes, the more she fears that the very personal and very controversial decisions and the discards and the rejections she made while young and ambitious are coming back to haunt her. The problem is - he doesn"t know. And since the people who DO know from back in the day are whispering so loudly of late, she"s desperate to buy their silence. She"s offering money and she"s offering jobs. She"s calling in favours, she"s pulling strings, and she"s raising eyebrows. All of a sudden, her projects are completely staffed by those who need to keep her confidence. Which means she"s having to answer his questions on that front as well. Poor thing is apparently so stressed out about having to keep all these secrets that she isn"t getting much sleep, made worse by the fact that she has to play happy and content all day long. With any luck though, all this will change soon. After all, it"s not like they haven"t been trying.