Marcus is my first dog. But I have a dog because of Nelson. I was Nelson’s nanny for the first few weeks after Julie brought him home. He’d come over and we’d hang out. He’d pee all over my floor. He’d sleep in his crate and snore like a volcano erupting. He’d fart like a champion bulldog… because that is what they do.

I fell in love with dogs because I fell in love with Nelson.

Nelson is staying with us right now while his parents are on holiday at Lake LBJ. As such, Marcus is all pouty pants because Nelson is hogging his dad on the couch. Also attaching Nelson at 11 weeks. He really was the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen.

Bringing it back to celebrities…

Remember Jake Gyllenhaal’s puggle Boo Radley? Apparently Boo is no longer with Jake. Jake was asked about Boo last year:

Many of your fans are wondering if you still have Boo, your puggle? We haven"t seen him in a while.

(After a pause and a sigh of what sounded like lament, looks to the floor and responds) I don"t have my puggle ... I don"t have my puggle.

What happened to Boo?