My comfort food - mentioned it in an article a while back. Since then, many have written for the recipe. Recipe is below. But not in a Martha Stewart way. My people, we don't learn to cook like that. There were no measuring cups back in the village. And beef and tomato is all about the village. It's village food. All you need is a wok.

We also only cook on high heat. None of this medium simmering business. You need to see the flames dancing around the stove, licking the bottom of that wok, and oil spattering everywhere. Yum.

As for quantities - feel it out. That's the fun part.


*Flank steak - sliced and marinated for at least an hour (soy sauce, sesame oil, a little sugar, and corn starch)
*Tomatoes cut into wedges
*baby bok choy
*garlic diced or sliced
*oyster sauce
*onions - optional

How to:

*heat up the wok until it's almost smoking
*throw in some sesame oil, swirl it around the wok for even coverage
*add garlic, let it "pop" for 15 seconds
* dump in tomatoes, sprinkle some sugar, stir and flip with wok spatula, and let simmer without turning down the heat
*add onions if applicable
*when tomatoes start to soften, add beef and stir in some oyster sauce
*the tomatoes should cook to almost a paste but not quite. You want the juice but you still want to see whole chunks. And the corn starch from the beef acts as a thickener too so it shouldn't be too watery
*add bok choy when the tomato mixture is almost ready. Make sure boy choy is saturated. Bok choy does not take long to cook. When the green deepens and you can stick a fork without force into a trunk, you're done
*serve over rice. But not loose rice. We like rice that sticks together

Hoy fahn!
(Open rice! Let's eat!)