Dear Gossips,

Johnny Depp is in a band called The Hollywood Vampires – we know this. But… did we know that The Hollywood Vampires are actually a COVER band?!?

I didn’t know until Friday afternoon, when I read this show review of the COVER band following their performance at Casino Rama last week. It was laughter on a slow build into hysterics.


A COVER band!

You know why this is news (beyond the fact that nobody cared enough to do the research)? It’s because they call themselves a “supergroup”. Even Rolling Stone referred to them as a “supergroup”, which now feels like a strategic move so as to avoid being called what they actually are: a COVER band!

I hope that brings you as much happiness as it has brought me.

Also… good morning and Happy Gossip Christmas! Real Christmas happens only once a year. Gossip Christmas happens throughout the year, every time celebrities decide to be assholes, especially when celebrities decide to be assholes to each other. I woke up to the most wonderful gossip gift under the gossip tree today, overcome with joy and panic at the same time. Joy because we get to ride this sh-t on top of all the Swoki sh-t we’ve been riding all month but also panic because the way my schedule works today I’m on radio and breakfast show hits for three straight hours so I’m rush-writing in between my other jobs and I’ll get that post up as soon as I can, I promise. Please keep refreshing.

Yours in gossip,