Thank Goddess. Canadian gossip that doesn’t involve Ryan Phillippe or cheating or homewrecking skanks at Yaletown Cactus Club. By the way – quick update: one of those skanks is rumoured to be negotiating a deal in the $50K range with a tabloid to sell her story. Classy, non? Anyway, about Hilary - she’s in Vancouver to visit Haylie, they spent Saturday up at Whistler, and my sources tell me exclusively that Haylie tried to offer her sister a bit of a diversion from her break up with Joel Maddon. His name is Karver Kaminsky, fancies himself an actor/musician, working with Haylie right now, invited by Haylie to join them and from the looks of it, he was a welcome distraction. I’m told Karver (pictured in white) and Hilary looked rather flirty, lots of giggling during a snowball fight, at certain times, Haylie would step aside or linger back so that the two could talk… nothing serious, some harmless fun to pass the time, a Canadian step on the path to getting over Joel who she was overheard saying was a total stranger to her now, that even though she dated him for 2 ½ years she can’t believe she went out with someone who would go out with a girl like Nicole Richie which is why she supposedly now feels that she doesn’t know “this guy like I thought I did”. Good to know that breaking up didn’t turn her into a bitch though. Word is Hilary was super sweet to everyone, down to earth, no diva drama, no massive entourage – finally someone who doesn’t completely lose their manners in Vancouver a la Alba and a little Renee too… though in all fairness, I hear Alba’s been on her best behaviour of late, even taking some time away from yelling at people to visit with sick children. I know. I can’t believe it either. Source