Remember when Hilary Duff started dating Joel Madden? Remember she went from normal looking and healthy to nasty and malnourished? Remember she totally lost her tits?

Well Mike Comrie has had the opposite effect. This is a good thing. A great thing. As you can see, Hilary’s curves have returned and tonight at the Met she put them on display.

Wasn’t really feeling her dress (it was straight up ugly), or her hair, or the accessories, or the makeup, and especially not the matching polish, but there was something about the way she looked at her boyfriend that was impossibly adorable.

I spoke to them together and there was a little bit of prom shyness about the two that verged on sugar raping but stopped just short. Instead it was refreshingly authentic. He was clearly kinda awed at the spectacle, she was super shy but also super proud that he was there with her. Lots of nervous giggles and sheepish smiles and when I asked Hilary about styling Mike, she sweetly gushed that he was pretty fashionable all by himself.

Perhaps I was still numb from sharing air space with Anna Wintour, I was actually rather charmed.

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