Hilary Duff is engaged to one. And she’s training with him with another. Here she is with fiancé Mike Comrie and Harley Pasternak, both Canadian, after a workout today. Looks great. Really really tight legs, not too thin, not too thick, perfect.

Harley trained me for segment recently on etalk. With Harley it’s never over. You’ll get to the last 10 and he’ll say – oh, let’s just do 10 more, all judgy and sh-t, so of course you have to finish and the whole time you worry, if you’re too tired after the last set, will he think you’re weak, and if you’re not tired enough will he make you do 10 more? I call it MindF-ck Fitness. My trainer Hayley does the same thing. It works on people like me: neurotic, obsessive freaks.

I just came from the gym actually for a brutal hour-long session with Hayley and somehow I’ve agreed to go swimming later (1.5km) to get more cardio. It’s exercise voodoo.

Photos from INFphoto.com