Hilary Duff at the airport in LA looking rather glum following her recent split from Joel Madden who, as you know, has since taken up with Nicole Richie. So here’s the thing: Before Joel, Hilary was a normal sized girl. Young and fresh and cute and HEALTHY. Enter Joel, enter rapid, rapid, rapid weight loss to go along with gargantuan sized new teeth – a pretty frightening transformation that should have elicited more alarm than it did at the time. She says she stopped eating French fries. You and I say yeah whatever, you glassy-eyed happy freak. But still…no one wanted to “go there” because she was still sweet and wholesome, even though at 17 she was dating a rocker past 25. Thinnification complete, Hilary and Joel insist there’s no sex, now Joel supposedly breaks things off because he had to get some play which, if you ask me, is a bullsh-t story agreed upon by both parties guaranteeing for her the purity of her image, enhancing for him the size of his nuts for saying goodbye to a life of no sex. But I digress. The point is, for whatever reason, Joel moved on to Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie who, like Hilary, looks like a 12 year old boy. Check out the side by side. Sure, Nicole may be a shade smaller and yet it’s plain as day – androgynous asexual clones are they. And apparently this is what Joel Madden is attracted to. Kinda makes you wonder, non? Source