Love it. Whatever it is that they have, however dirty, however f*cked, in spite of the fact that he seems to be attracted to 12 year old androgens, something about Nicole Richie and Joel Madden makes sense. First clear photos of their new togetherness in Vegas, she looking pretty and happy and a smidge further away from death than she has in the past, he looking much more relaxed than he ever did with the nauseating not to mention artificially wholesome Hilary Duff - just because you don’t get pulled over on the freeway, doesn’t mean you don’t “blow happy”…you get my drift? As for Nicole … the silver dress might be kinda cheap but it’s also rather flattering, non? And is it just me or is her back surprisingly less boney than you’d think? Quick observation though - you know I can’t resist a conspiracy theory. So Good Charlotte’s highly anticipated new album Good Morning Revival is scheduled for release in March. Their last album, released in 2004, around the time Joel and Hilary hooked up, did not match the critical or popular appeal of their previous endeavors. Furthermore, the band’s fans weren’t exactly thrilled about the Duff connection. Needless to say, much pressure is riding on Good Morning Revival and you know, a high profile, controversial relationship never hurts in such situations… I’m just sayin’…. Source