Hilary Duff?

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, the paps shot Mike Comrie proposing to Hilary Duff in Hawaii– click here to see the photos. Her people have since confirmed the engagement. The entire world is now also aware that he presented her with a $1 million ring. Since then they’ve been shot every day, every night, everywhere. And most recently at LAX – she dropped him off yesterday and they decided to give photographers some more action.

Jesus. Enough already. What is up with you, Duff? What are we playing at here? Is it simply a case of clever papping? Or is she working some kind of angle? Well...these days she’s not exactly working much, and as such, even an engagement to a relatively obscure hockey player could help turn that around.

Weddings and babies give the ladies a hard-on. Hilary’s now certainly enjoying a new surge of interest. And with the wedding planning and the dress search and the wedding photos still to come, there could be a reality show up in here. The Duff and the Puck. On MTV.

Photos from INFphoto.com and Fame