This is Hilary Duff, kinda reminding me of Jennifer Lopez, leaving her hotel in Paris last night and also today arriving at a tv studio to promote her book Elixir.

I wrote about Elixir yesterday; about Hilary’s Rossum-y writing, and how, worse yet, it’s pedestrian in its poor quality, in that anyone with 30 seconds could come up with some equally horrifying cheese. Click here for a refresher. In that post, I also challenged you to try it, to spend less than a minute coming up with something Duff-like.

There were several entries. Which got me to thinking this would make a fun game. Please find two gross passages below. One of them was written by Hilary Duff. The other was written by a reader called Brooke. Can you tell the difference?

Gross Passage #1:

“He bent low over his keyboard, but he peered up to meet my eyes and gave me a bittersweet smile that reached out and grabbed me by the heart.”

Gross Passage #2:
“She looked longingly in his direction – would he ever return her gaze? Would her desire for him ever be fulfilled? Likely not, so she just continued to stare, like an orphan waiting for someone to love her. To want her.”

You want to give it a try? Email me! We’ll play You or Duff again next week.

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