Puck Bunny!

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Anyone outside Canada who doesn’t follow hockey closely likely knows nothing about Mike Comrie. But once upon a time, Mike Comrie was an Edmonton Oiler and a favourite son. Until his love affair with his hometown ended in somewhat of a scandal with allegations of cheating with a teammate’s wife and whiny bitch comments made in the press that resulted in Mike’s unceremonious departure from Edmonton. He has since been bounced around from team to team in the NHL and has never fulfilled the promise he showed in a couple of great seasons with the Oil.

And now…

Mike Comrie is holding hands with Hilary Duff! The Duff is a Puck Bunny! Not to be confused with a Hockey Whore – those skanks who dress in tank taps in the middle of winter to a freezing cold arena in the hopes of scoring their very own player. Interestingly, Hilary spends a lot of time in Canada. Fitting she ended up with a Canadian boyfriend.

And while they certainly do look cute together and while Mike is certainly not the douche that Sean Avery is (Elisha Cuthbert’s loser of a hockey player beau), at the same time, status to status, rank to rank, within their own respective industries, this has to be a bit of a downgrade…I don’t care how rich he is. Mike Comrie, you see, is nowhere near a top tier player. Just sayin’…


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