Both Hilary and Carrie are dating hockey players from the Ottawa Senators. Only Hilary is at least almost normal while Carrie should sit the f-ck DOWN.

Hilary was at the game last night watching her man Mike Comrie’s team beat my Leafs. Must have been Spezza’s illegal stick. He floats and he crabs. Amazing.

Anyway, as you can see, Duff did not duck from cameras. She didn’t play all shy girl attention seeker either. Instead, she enjoyed the game. This is how you do.

This is NOT how you do:

Click here to see more photos of Hilary watching the hockey game from the wonderful Ottawa Sun.

Please support the Ottawa Sun. There’s a reason for this…hear me out.

So this morning a lovely reader called Linda emailed me about the front page of the sports section in a local Ottawa newspaper that shall remain unnamed. Hilary Duff was on the cover, smiling, enthusiastic, a glass of wine beside her, remarkably different from that country bitch Carrie Underwood.

I needed a scan but Linda didn’t have a scanner.

So I phoned up the publication to ask them if I could put the cover of their sports section on my blog. I called 2 different numbers, spoke to 2 different bitches to make the request. Both times:

“Uhhhh… yeah, no, we don’t do that.” There may have even been a snort at the end of the sentence too. The lady at the third department I called was more helpful. But her answer was the same. And their website was useless.

So I googled Ottawa newspapers and came up with the very easy to navigate and helpful sports section of the Ottawa Sun.

Won’t you help me support the Ottawa Sun by clicking here and viewing their Hilary Duff photos? Boost the Ottawa Sun’s site traffic for a day. Because they deserve it.

Ottawa Sun website

PS. Just for fun because it’s hockey related – the great Alexander Ovechkin.

Photo of Hilary Duff by Andre Forget/SUN MEDIA
Photo of Carrie Underwood from