Hilary Duff won the Annual Halloween Stupid Award this year when she and her then-boyfriend and personal trainer Jason Walsh dressed up as a sexy pilgrim and a Native American chief. They were immediately dragged up and down social media. She apologised on Twitter and he posted a message on Instagram that’s since been taken down. Way to stand by your contrition.

About a month later, Hilary and Jason broke up. Being assholes at Halloween totally broke them up. If that is a consequence of ignorance, so be it.


E! News reports that Hilary was out on Saturday and seen flirting with Scott Eastwood. They were at Catch LA first and then went to 1Oak together. But even though they spoke for some time, it didn’t progress past talking – at least not at the club.

She has a type though, right? She married an athlete. After that she dated an athlete. And if there’s something going on with Scott Eastwood, she’s moved on to an actor who thinks he’s an also an athlete.

Also, all of them have that douche vibe in common too, non? Sometimes I wish we could help someone reset our attraction meters. I wish someone had reset my attraction meter when I was younger because I managed to only hook up with the grossest. Hilary Duff might need a reset.