Hilary Duff told Ryan Seacrest this week that she’s on Tinder. And she went on her first Tinder date this week. It was bowling. He’s an actor. They both had friends with them and there was no kiss at the end. “No, absolutely not” is how she answered when asked about it.

I’m not sure Hilary Duff understands Tinder?

Like…who goes on Tinder to start a relationship? The way I understand it, if you’re on Tinder, you’re down to f-ck. At least that’s how it works for everyone I know who’s on Tinder. And I work downtown in a building full of single people who are DTF. God, I was young in the wrong era.

Oh wait. Quick update: a gay man, 24 years old, just came into my office to tell me that gay men use Tinder to find boyfriends and Grindr when they’re DTF. As far as I know, Hilary Duff is not a gay man. If I were her, a 27 year old single mother, I’d start using Tinder properly. You just came out of your marriage. Your orgasms don’t have to be connected to love. It’s OK to simply want to feel good without commitment. Especially now. It’s summer!

Attached - Hilary out in Los Angeles yesterday.