Whitney Takes a Feng Shui Tumble

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 1, 2007 12:00:00 February 1, 2007 12:00:00
So I’m over Laguna Beach. Couldn’t sit through Season 3. And rumour has it that trashy mother actually rented a house for the duration of the taping – passing it off as her own. Whatever…LB sucks, but The Hills – well, I can’t get enough of The Hills. Have always liked LC, even though she’s kinda limp, over Kristin and although I’ve worn down my enamel over Heidi, she has that trainwreck quality I’m ashamed to say I can’t get enough of. We’re a bit behind in Canada but heads up…The Hills begins again on Monday on MTV Canada – I’ve seen a screener of the first 2 episodes, am definitely not disappointed, even though I can’t help but feel for poor Whitney. As my friend Danielle says, Whitney’s the built-in reporter, the character that keeps the arc alive: “So…how was your night last night? Oh you and Jason had a fight? What was it about? I guess you’re broken up then?” Like a narrator without being so obvious. Sort of. Which is why I don’t normally watch reality tv but in this case, her non-extremes, Whitney’s bland background purpose, for some reason it makes me crazy. And when LC actually chose Jason over Paris last year, I swear I almost, almost broke the telly. But back to Whitney. On Good Morning America the other day, modeling some classic Oscar dresses as introduced by Andre Leon Talley – a homo institution who deserves his own statue – who has just been named as the red carpet commentator by the Academy. Whitney is wearing Hilary Swank’s blue Guy LaRoche, the one I mentioned the other day in relation to feng shui imbalance…and as you can see, the effects were immediate on poor Whitney.

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