Oddly enough, I don"t know whether or not I like this look. It"s very haute couture and I love her sinewy body in it, even though she looks a good 5 pounds lighter than she did at the Globes, which is a tad worrisome but the poor woman is trying to save her marriage so it"s to be expected, right? Anyway, back to the ensemble. I"m ok with the colour, I love the poofy thing comin" outta her chest, and I even liked the messy hem that looked like it was threatening to fall down. My problem was that the fabric appeared to bunch around the waist and the stomach and when she turned to the side, she looked awfully wrinkled and frumpy with - gasp! - an unflattering pouch where one expects absolute flatness. My other complaint is the makeup. Overbronzed and not enough lips. And her teeth. Don"t get me started on her teeth. There"s something about those chompers that always makes me angry. Like mad. I see her speak and all I can think of is that she has mahjong tiles lining her mouth and immediately I begin to rage. While I have yet to pinpoint exactly what it is about Hilary Swank"s incisors that inspires such a vicious response, I trust you"ll agree with me when I say it wouldn"t hurt if she had a millimeter or two shaved off.