All credit to my girl Michelle for the Beverly Hills inspiration. And granted, it"s not like Hilary"s anywhere near as despicable as that homewrecking slut Tori Spelling…but still…I"m now wondering if behaving badly is a left over side effect from that show. So in case you haven"t heard, Hilary Swank sat down for a revealing interview with Vanity Fair for the August issue of the magazine and decided to tell the entire frickin" world that her soon-to-be-ex husband Chad Lowe is a recovering addict. Ummmm…like…sad for her and all but what - other than positioning herself in the most self serving angle possible - was the point? And while we"re at it - what benefits will this public outing bring to someone who’s trying to stay sober? Will the added attention alleviate his desire to use? Will the scrutiny over his failed marriage ease the compulsion to go back to what was numbing him and killing him? Will the sudden intrusion into his private life actually help him maintain his hard-earned sobriety? Please. This bitch has some f*cking nerve. You don"t need to tell me that for an addict, the responsibility to turn a life around rests primarily on the shoulders of the person living that life. I work with Covenant House Vancouver. I have seen our kids ravaged by crystal meth, and as much as you want to force them into treatment, it has to be about choice. I agree. And it is an excruciatingly long process that usually involves relapse and retrying and relapse and retrying. Unless, of course, you are Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology. In which case, addiction can be cured in 3 days with the help of a vertically challenged lunatic jumping up and down spitting on a couch in front of you. But I digress. As much as it"s up to the addict, effort is nothing without support. And believe me gossips, I have tried all afternoon and nowhere in this juicy little Vanity Fair episode do I see anything that remotely resembles support. Especially not the part where she decides to pour rubbing alcohol and two gallons of hot sauce into poor Chad"s gaping wound: "Chad is very supportive of my career. He is, I think, genuinely happy for my success . . . I think that any frustration for him stemmed from the lack of opportunities in his own career." Oh no she dih-int. Did she just say he"s a professional failure? In addition to being an addict? All this because she supposedly didn"t want the world to think her 2 time Oscar winning status had resulted in a swollen ego? Give me a break, Hil! Talk about letting your horse teeth cloud your judgment! And talk about publicity stunt gone bad! Seriously, y"all…is Ken Sunshine not taking clients anymore? And before you lay down the "don"t judge" speech for me, let"s remember that she decided to spill it in the pages of Vanity Fair - only the dishiest monthly glossy on the market. Her choice. Just like Tori Spelling. Now I"d say that"s a pretty open invitation to judge, don"t you think??? Anyway, check out the Vanity Fair site if you"re interested in more valuable insight on Hilary and her newfound "happiness". But if you ask me, they should have put Sheryl Crow on the cover instead. The photo of her inside the magazine is probably one of the most beautiful I"ve ever seen. And given the year she"s just had, it"s a much more compelling story than anything Swank could ever hope to whip up. Take a look for yourself. Oh - And while you"re there, browse through the World Cup portraits as well. You wanna know why Michael Ballack hasn"t been selected as the Daily Footie? One word - NOSE. Yes, yes, you are welcome to yell at me now.