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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 25, 2010 16:13:55 March 25, 2010 16:13:55

I will be embarrassingly honest: I spend a lot of time checking myself when I’m in my workout clothes. They’re so unforgiving. You can slap on a pair of jeans and if the gut is a little extra that day, there’s always a loose blouse to cover it, and some heels to stretch things out, and for a few hours you can pretend the muffin top isn’t there.

In sweats? Not possible.

Which is why when a celebrity shows up somewhere in sweats, I take extra notice. And feel even sh-ttier!

Here’s Hilary Swank on her way to the gym today in Santa Monica, fit as f-ck. She’s thin but she is toned. And she doesn’t look like she’s about to die from hunger. She looks like she eats chicken and steamed veg but she eats to train. That ass has been TRAINED.

Now I’m about to go for a swim. The goal is 1.5 km and I was actually about to bail because it’s raining and my PVR needs to be cleared but suddenly I have motivation: guilt. Maybe it’ll have the same effect on you. Hate exercise so much. I have been moaning about it forever but come on, why can’t they just make a pill?

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