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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2010 13:36:29 March 9, 2010 13:36:29

She’s a two time Oscar winner, and you already know my thoughts on that. And she won both awards playing androgynous characters. And she most recently played Amelia Earhart. And now all of a sudden she shows up at the Vanity Fair party pretty much forcing her tits down our throats.

What’s up Hilary Swank? You trying to tell us something?

Many of you have emailed for commentary on her appearance.

My commentary is that Hollywood is a hustle. And sometimes even 2 Oscars can’t get you the kinds of jobs you want. Hilary Swank has more Best Actress Oscars than Meryl Streep. But Meryl Streep, in her 60s now, can open a movie. She can open several movies. Meryl Streep opens BIG. Hilary Swank can’t open sh-t. Hilary Swank can’t balance her prestige projects with big ticket, big money offers. Don’t let any of them tell you it’s not about money. Money matters. Even for Meryl.

So for Swank,sexing it up, reminding the industry that there’s a body underneath those golden statues, that was the task at hand on the party circuit. See? Oscar week is all work.

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