They look comfortable, don’t they? Most of the time I’m way more into shopping for casual clothes than I am for fancy ones. Like, I spend a LOT of time at James Perse. Maybe too much? James Perse isn’t cheap. Sometimes Jacek’s like, why is a cotton t-shirt over $100? I know. I know. I hear you. But I wear that cotton t-shirt almost every f-cking day. The cost per wear is pennies! And a really good dress? I bought a really, really great Christopher Kane a few months ago and I’ve worn it exactly once. And I might do it again next week for the Covenant House gala or in Calgary for the Core opening, but I dunno, it’s kind of a production and to be honest, I’d just rather wear my current James Perse grey wrap with a pair of jeans and my new Fryes, so what I’m saying is, is it that bad, so bad, to spend more money on the clothes that make you really, really happy even if they’re schlubby?

Hilary Swank’s schlubby layers probably make her really, really happy. They look really, really comfortable.