Written by Sasha


Even though the office Christmas party isn't for another month, I have been agonizing over what to wear (partially because there is a cute guy I work with who I want to impress.) What are some appropriate but cute choices? I have been dying to wear a strapless white dress (sounds like a bride dress but trust, it isn't) with a funky belt around it. But is strapless showing off way too much skin at an office event? The hem falls just above the knees so it's not super short. And I would wear either black pumps or my Carrie Bradshaw Manolos Please help!-C

Oh C! There’s nothing better than a holiday work party where you can get your flirt on – I hope he flirts back.

Reading your question fuels me with excitement because work parties are my favourite social experiment - it’s the best people watching ever. Not only do you see people that you’re like, who the fu-k are you? We work in the same building? but you get to check out if the accounts payable chick really dresses like a skank in real life.

Before I delve in on your outfit choice, this next piece of advice is paramount. Please please dear god please pull back on the drank. You DON’T want to be tapped as the work party drunk, you DON’T want to be the person that starts grinding with your boss because “you love this song”, and you definitely DON’T want to embarrass yourself in front of the cute guy. So swear to me you’ll hydrate yourself with something other than vodka.

Okay, now onto work function attire. I think the key is to always remember that this isn’t your big night out, okay? You’re still on the clock. And if you’re like me you’ve put a whole lot of effort in protecting the REAL you, so don’t throw all that hard work away. Here are your Coles notes: Don’t wear lycra, throw on some underwear and if you go strapless make sure it’s not hooker short. If you follow these simple rules, you should come out unscathed.

Now that we’re on the same page I can finally get to your outfit. The description of the dress sounds GREAT, I especially love that you’re wearing white! The only downfall with a white dress though is 9 times out of 10 you need to go tight-less, so tell me you’re going bare legged? I also love the belt idea; just make sure it isn’t some big ol’ chunky eyesore that sits right under your boobs. And finally, as for the shoes, I say go Manolos because why the F not!

So C, all you have left to do now is work it and get some tail.

Hi Sasha,

I'm going on a last-minute trip to NYC in a few weeks to visit a friend and am starting to panic about what to wear when going out at night. This is going to be a sort of girls weekend, so I know at least one night will involve going to various bars/clubs, but my current wardrobe doesn't include anything that is going out appropriate. You see, I'm married with a toddler and work at home, so there isn't much "going out" involved in my life right now. I'm also going to be the only mom in the group--everyone else is single and most of them live in NYC. I desperately don't want to stick out as the "mom" or the "one from the Midwest," but I also have all the bumps and curves of a typical mom and I'm on a budget (last-minute plane tickets aren't exactly cheap). Any tips for what I can wear so I don't look like a tourist but also don't have to but a huge dent on my credit card? Thanks! Jen

The New York packing fashion crisis - I know it all too well and you’re not alone; every girl has the same freak out. This summer I went with three of my girls to accomplish the following: shop til your credit card gets rejected, eat your face off and drink until one of you passes out in a corner (I’m not naming names but it was Duana). Anyway, before I left for the trip I panicked and threw every random outfit into my bag. So before you do that, I hope I can help you streamline.

First off, when it comes to day, it doesn’t matter what the hell you have on. For real. Everyone is too busy doing their own thing that no one gives two sh-ts. So just dress comfortably. Find a good pair of jeans, some cute kicks or a pair of flat boots, a coat (maybe military inspired or a great camel one), a printed billowy scarf and finally put on some great earrings and your daytime look is done.

Now when night hits, obviously step it up a bit but don’t go out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to look like a try-hard because at that point you might as well strap on your passport fanny pack.

I’m not saying don’t try, I totally try and anyone who says they don’t is lying. Just don’t go crazy with sequins, furs, diamonds, heels….all at the same time. Try to be less Sex and the City and more, well, normal looking. The simpler the better. Take Gwyneth Paltrow for example. Girl looks killer every time she walks out the door and you’ll notice that she’s never wearing more than a few items.

So first things first, get a great pair of high heels - this will up anti right away. If you’re looking for ease then my advice is to always go the dress route. I saw this one on J CREW and I really like it. If that dress is too girly then get a simple black dress and put on some fun patterned tights.

Now if you’re not a dress wearing person then one of my favorite looks is the blazer/jeans combo. Find a slim cut jean (dark blue or black) or pant, a long looser fitting black top and a well fitting black blazer (H&M has some great ones in for holiday). And then find a cool vintage necklace or some dangly big earrings and you’ll look amazing.

Another look that caught my eye is this one from BCBG. Come on, this is so simple and perfect for a New York night out.

Now my last and final tip is this - only buy one outfit before you leave for the trip. Trust me. If you’re going to spend money on clothes buy them when you’re in NYC. Once you get there you’ll start feeling inspired by everyone’s beautiful style. Take notes and do some recreating. And of course hit up Top Shop while you’re there - it doesn’t disappoint.

For the last 3 years I've been searching for a leather jacket. My friends are sick of hearing me complain about not being able to find one. . I need a big enough size so that the arms are long enough, but then its all loose on the waist. Then the top half looks all smushed...like a stuffed sausage. Porny may not have a problem walking around looking like this, but me...not so much. Any suggestions on places to find a hot, classic leather jacket that doesn't make my body look deformed?
Thanks, L

Three years and still nothing?! What the! Okay, I feel the fragility in your tone as soon as you mention Porny, so I’ll get straight to it.

The best leather jackets are from one of my all-time favorite brands called LINE KNITWEAR. Not only do they make kick ass sweaters, wraps and tops but their leather jackets are the sh-t. I would be floored it you couldn’t find one that you love from the collection. I have two and wear them constantly.

Now, I know one of your concerns is the ‘smushed’ situation and if you’ve got a big rack then you might always run into this problem. But to be honest, leather jackets always look so much better unzipped; they’re really meant to be open. So keep that in mind before you pass on a style that you love. And as far as price goes, leather jackets are an investment piece but you should be happily surprised with the prices from Line Knitwear - you’ll still be able to feed your family.

Keep me updated so I know I haven’t failed you.