God Jake Gyllenhaal looked handsome last night at opening night of his off-Broadway play If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. I mean, I’m not into the beard, but even that beard can’t take away from how attractive he is. Speaking of that beard - while women may not be feeling it, do you know how much beard envy he’s getting from the men? Almost every dude I talked to at TIFF was all about Jake’s beard.

Anyway, Jessica Chastain was also there last night. And since I’m obsessed with setting up famous people and finding the right (imaginary) combinations, I’ve now decided that Jake is perfect for her and they should totally be together. She has the credentials, as you know, and now that he’s stopped trying to be a Disney action hero and is choosing smaller projects and stage opportunities, looking for more interesting work, they could be a creative powerhouse.

On either side, on stature and standing, it’s an equal draw too. You could say, given his recent romantic resume, that she’s actually an upgrade. And there would be benefits to both on profile. Jake hasn’t had a significant attachment since Taylor Swift (OMG that was two years ago already?) and coming back with a respected acclaimed actor like Jessica Chastain is a strong move. As for Jessica, though she’s well known to everyone in the industry, it wouldn’t hurt to get a love bump to grow public awareness.