The Gossip Guide

If you're new to LaineyGossip, you might want to take a quick browse through the fundamentals.If you’ve been visiting for a while, you still might want to check in from time to time. The Gossip Guide, like the Gossip Landscape, changes all the time. And the world of smut is quick and dirty. You'll need this to keep up...

After so many years of gossip, I've developed my own smutty lexicon. This will help if, on the off chance, you have no idea what Amazingness is. Use this decipher my smutty ramblings. And this site will never be a friend to that virus.

NOTE: I haven't updated this thing thoroughly in probably 4 years. To think Johnny Depp was once on my Lifetime list??? And Miley was a fraud?

The Love List

You can expect consistent and excessive fawning over the following:

  • Beyonce

    Is there a bigger star right now than Beyonce? I STUDY Beyonce. You should too.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    The true star of this column and the bestest actress and the snobbiest snot and the most condescending bitch and she would never, ever want to be my friend and this is why I love her.

  • Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

    Love them because the MiniVan Majority hates them, love them if you love gossip. Because like them or not they are a true gossip treat. Scandal, intrigue, double hotness, jungle sex in Africa, birthing the Chosen One in the Motherland, saving the world one Pax at a time, and two of the most gorgeous people on the planet…this is what smut is made of.

  • Cate Blanchett

    The Queen can do no wrong – on and off the carpet.

  • The Beckhams

    She's a former Spice Girl/anorexic lollipop with the most ridiculous tits in the business, he's a hunky football star/philandering pig with the FOINEST buttocks straddling the Atlantic Ocean...what's not to love???

  • Marion Cotillard

    My French angel. So elegant, so beautiful, and hopefully forever in love with her Guillaume Canet, with whom she starred in Jeux D'enfants, a film as delightful as she is.

  • Colin Farrell

    I exchange with him a one-way correspondence. He may not read my letters but I write them sincerely. Also, if he would have me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I would die a happy - and sated - bitch.

  • Tina Fey

    Please. There are a million reasons. She is THE BEST of women in entertainment. And she once called Ebola a "piece of sh-t".

The Fraud List

You can expect consistent and excessive skewering of the following:

  • Jennifer Aniston

    The Queen of all Frauds, definitely NOT the girl next door unless you live in a $7 million mansion with another $10 million in upgrades, or unless you deal in “happy”, there is no way in hell The Ex is gonna get Friend-ly with you.

  • Nicole Kidman

    Great career moves post high profile split from egomaniacal ex-husband and then the Freeze took over her face, followed by a marriage contract, and the incessant need to further the pregnancy rumours – all conveniently timed, of course. Because you don’t marry Tom Cruise and learn nothing in the art of media manipulation…not to mention a cabinet full of secrets.

  • Anyone Kardashian

    I don't talk about them. Period.


Mr. Hollywood keeps fighting a persistent rumour but it just won't go away. Piloting a fighter plane and wielding a Japanese sword doesn't fool us! Not even that cult he keeps promoting can keep his hot little secret under wraps. And if you STILL can't figure it out, you really need to brush up on your smut.

Glossary of Terms

My terminology:

  • Gorgessity (LaineyGossip Original)

    The state of being gorgeous. i.e. The gorgessity of Scarlett can never be adequately described.

  • Ghetto Tits (LaineyGossip Original)

    A very bad boob job. The kind where each breast was likely done at different times because the skank recipient didn't have enough money to pay for them both at once. See Tara Reid.

  • Concrete Tits (LaineyGossip Original)

    See Victoria Beckham.

  • Low Classy (LaineyGossip Original)

    Say it in my mother’s Chinese accent…does Tara Reid come to mind?

  • Call me Cruise (LaineyGossip Original)

    Call me crazy, Call me Cruise…

  • Karma Face (LaineyGossip Original)

    Or Payback Face – the effects of homewrecking wreaking havoc all over one’s features. See the once fetching Claire Danes and Tori Spelling too, who appears to have been born with Karma Face…the Goddess clearly predicting her eventual manstealing.

  • Amazingness

    Think Mimi. Or Karl. Something so special that has been brought from the Gossip heavens above that can only bring happiness and jumpy claps your way when you see them.

  • Hollywood Ebola (LaineyGossip Original)

    Deadly Ebola Virus devastates those in its path – leaving victims bleeding out from all orifices. Such is the effect of Paris Hilton on Hollywood. Like Ebola, Hollywood Ebola cannot be killed. She lurks in cracks and corners, unleashing her destruction on anyone who gets too close, retreating into the rain forest to regenerate only to come back even uglier, more potent, more vile.

  • RoboBride

    Couch Jumper got married, turned a beguiling young girl into a glassy-eyed automaton, capable only of uttering the same superlatives favoured by her husband - it's amazing, it's marvellous, it's beautiful, it's every synonym for fan-farking-tastic you can think of. And what was once a promising acting career had turned into professional shopping and peering out from behind an alien prison. Chills, chills, chills. But RoboBride won in the end

  • Taupe

    As in Jennifer Garner pre-Ben split - pretty but bland. Which is fine enough for a civilian but Taupe in showbiz - why should I care?