Homeland Season 3 Episode 2 recap

(Lainey: sorry we’re a day late on Homeland this week. We’re trying to figure out a few scheduling changes. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!)

I hope you’ll pardon the lateness of this review.  I feel less bad about it than I might, because I imagine you, like me, spent the time since Homeland’s second episode going… “When did this show start airing on the CW?”

It’s a cheap joke, sure. But when someone who doesn’t watch teen drama criticizes teen drama, this is what they assume the shows contain, you know? Tears, tears, feelings, yelling, sex, tears, emotions, hugging -- The Dana Brody Show!

Why am I watching this? If the show is trying to prove that you have to be unhinged, a la Dana, to understand Brody, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and maybe she’s more like her father than she realized …I still don’t care. Do you? Do you really care about the slow, slow burn of Dana potentially turning into a terrorist but who are we kidding, not really?

No, I didn’t think so.

It’s infuriating now only because it’s not the story any of us want to watch, but also because it’s very clear that they’re leaning so heavily on a B-story in order to mark time in the Carrie story, where basically nothing happened. This is a real shame, because it’s a delicious amount of crazy Carrie – full on furious-manic in a way we haven’t seen since the magic-markered rainbow chart of Abu Nazir’s last 10 years.    She’s tightly coiled and out of control while simultaneously being very sure to be very controlled, and it’s great to watch.  

I just wish she’d been given something to do. We’ve seen every single frame of this before. Carrie swears her story is the real one, everyone tries to believe her and then basically laughs in her face. Her family looks stricken when confronted with the idea that she’s off her meds (as if they couldn’t tell?), and eventually she’s dragged to the psych ward. I mean, this is just the end of season 1 all over again, except way less interesting or effective. I’m not trying to nay-say and I want the show to wow me, but is it possible they’re out of ideas this quickly?

The thing everyone’s waiting on, of course, is to find out whether Saul is as moley as the show and Mandy Patinkin’s incessant media interviews would have us believe. I mean, yes we’re seeing kind of a more angry, uptight Saul, but that’s not enough to make me think he’s suddenly got a whole new profile. Unless it’s been there all along. The most dramatic moment of the episode, to me, is when he spits the incredibly offensive line that is probably running through the top of mind for most at the CIA, but I still can’t believe he says it. “If you must wear it, and it’s a slap in the face to those who would have been your colleagues…” Yikes. It seems small minded coming from Saul but maybe I’m small minded to believe he doesn’t know that this is what people think? In any event, he erases it moments later by being the cuddly mentor we all know he is, so again…back to ones.

(Also, the new character’s name is Farrah. Are we only using Arabic names that have been heard in a North American context? Who’s next, and will we ever get, like, a Noor?)

Finally, it appears that Mira’s agent has been negotiating since she is now in two out of two episodes. Is this going to happen every week? What’s Mira doing/cooking/quietly arguing against until we get to the meat of the episode?

I thoroughly hope that there is meat to further episodes. I mean, we’re 15% of the way through the season. We need to pick things up.