Jim Sturgess was at Jimmy Kimmel yesterday promoting One Day. The movie will be released on August 19th. This makes me nervous. I just... I feel really uneasy about the date change (was originally supposed to be July, and obviously July 15th would have been ideal) and then you know my thoughts on the first trailer and, well, there just hasn’t been a lot of buzz. Is it that they just want to bury it and hope no one will notice? But I’ll notice! And you will too! Because we loved the book, right?

I want to be wrong. I hope to be wrong. Also, these aren’t the best photos of him so I’m finding it a little difficult to locate my quiver. Having said, HOLD UP, I have heard from several people lucky enough to have screened the film in advance and, although there were mixed reviews about the movie, all said Jim was delightful. Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, well, she’s always been polarising I guess. My spot for Anne is softer than most though. (That sounds way grosser all spelled out like that than it did it my head but I’m not deleting.) I always walk into a movie wanting to like her. If the movie is good, I will like her.

Which brings us back to the beginning...

Is it good? What if it isn’t?

Well, David Nicholls wrote the book and the screenplay and he says it’s good. Is there a credibility issue there? But this is a fascinating subject, at least to me. If the creator of the story says that he approves and that it meets his standard, are we allowed to say that it doesn’t?

Like, if I invent a new recipe for some kind of new dimsum, and I proclaim that THIS is how the dimsum is supposed to taste, and you taste it and decide it tastes like sh-t, are you allowed to cook it differently and proclaim THAT as the right way?

Is it ok to admit that a cover of a song is better than the original?

Whatever. Let’s not get philosophical. I just want the movie to be good. Here’s a featurette for the movie/book with the most trite, unimaginative voice over ever.

Photos from KmJ/Splashnewsonline.com