I don’t have very high expectations for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby 3D. But that doesn’t mean I’m not seeing it. Please. I am totally seeing it. And I totally expect to be surprised. As in, oh sh-t, I was wrong, it was so good, so good I’m turning around for a second viewing.

Here are 3 reasons why I’m looking forward to the film:

1.Carey Mulligan. I miss her.
2.Pretty hypnotic lights and colours and clothes
3.A proper Leonardo DiCaprio love scene. FINALLY

How long has it been?

I mean a proper love scene.

Revolutionary Road doesn’t count as a love scene - both times.

His last good love scene was The Departed. And it was way too short and way too clothed.

Remember that article I linked to last week about the Death of the Hollywood Love Scene? How they just don’t deliver it in Hollywood anymore? Click here for a refresher. There were some great love scenes in the 80s. We were just talking about this last night at dinner.


If you’ve seen Youngblood you know what I’m talking about.

Now THAT was a love scene. And, God, Rob Lowe. Oh my GOD.

Anyway, here’s the new TV spot for Gatsby. At the 0:12 mark, Leo’s on a bed on top of Carey and they clasp hands. It’s very promising. Come on, Baz. Give us a really great love scene and I don’t care if the rest of the movie is sh-t.


Leo’s in an old-timey swimsuit. New wallpaper! 

The Great Gatsby opens on May 10.