Hot Harry is back in London and hit up The Brompton Club last night. At some point during the evening he was talking to a blonde who was smoking in a stairwell. There’s a photo of her here (scroll down) that shows her leaving with her boots off. In other words, Drunk Girl. Or, more accurately, Rich Drunk Girl.

Because you don't just get to roll up on Prince Harry alone at The Brompton Club if you're not already a member of a certain social class. Last year, I was in London for several weeks to prepare footage for and cover the royal wedding. We did a few shoots on the royal night circuit, interviewing owners and staff of the establishments they like to frequent. They're selective about the people they let in, and certainly in the exclusive areas in the bars were the royals hang out.

That's the difference then between Drunk Rich Girl and most of us: can you imagine being sh-t off your face, squatting on an exposed step, blowing smoke at him without feeling totally mortified?

Look at her. That's the body language of privilege. Of a girl who doesn't need an introduction to the 4th in line to throne in the hopes it might one day help supplement her father's pension and get her family out of the one bedroom flat they're all forced to share.

In the end it was just a conversation. Harry left after 1am and she stumbled home with some friends in a cab. Which means he’s still single. That Brazilian girl, Helena Bordon, with whom he was seen at an afterparty in Rio the other day - click here for a refresher - denies that anything happened, that they just “talked”, like about restaurants (source - thanks Juliana!) In other words, she tried and he wasn’t into it.

I guess when you’re Harry, you can pretty much smell it on them, the girls who have certain motives, and have his picture tacked up in her locker, and the ones who don’t give a sh-t. Helena apparently belongs in the first category.

Chelsy must be looking better and better these days.