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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 14, 2009 16:03:11 August 14, 2009 16:03:11

It is so f-cking hot here in Toronto. And this is Hot Harry on a Horse not on a horse at a wedding in London with his brother and also Kate Middleton.

I was married on a Friday.

My mother consulted a feng shui master for the date. And that Friday was deemed a fortuitous day according to our birthdays and birth times. I remember it rained all week. Standard Vancouver November weather. And the forecast called for rain that day too.

When we woke up it was overcast but dry. Half an hour before the ceremony the sun came out, stayed out the entire afternoon when we needed to be outside, and it didn’t rain until well after midnight. My mother was so smug, she walked around like she controlled the skies herself.

Good dates are very important.

I know a couple, they not only ignored the good date they actually chose a bad date and did so over protests and now they’re no longer married, ugliest divorce ever.

Doubt these stuffy English people married on a Friday for feng shui. I always say to my mother – well what about the non Chinese? How will they know?

And she always replies, in her favourite Squawking Chicken Shaman voice:

The blind don’t know. They don’t know.

Anyway, poor Will inherited the wrong gene. Lucky Hot Harry has a full head. And Kate Middleton has such great legs.

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